Psychology Of Online Gambling


psychology gamblingThe modern world has made changes in the life of gamblers. About 20 years ago, they had to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play roulette, blackjack, or baccarat. Today, it is all possible with just one click. Online casinos allow you to gamble 24/7 at any time of day and night.

Besides, slots became available at most gambling sites. They are popular due to simple rules and the Autoplay option. All you need is to click best Australian online pokies for real money: here button and get access to the limitless variety of games.

Casinos offer you infinite possibilities: from playing a demo version to winning a jackpot, thereby developing a gambling addiction.


Online gambling is associated with addictive behaviour. In 2013, American Psychiatric Association researched problem behaviour. Statistics have shown that 2,3 % of the worldwide population faced the issue of problem gambling at least once. A British survey has demonstrated more encouraging figures: 0.4% of the population experienced gambling addiction in the same year.

There is a term “problem gambling” that defines compulsive behaviour. It damages a gambler’s inner circle (friends and family). 9 out of 1000 times online gambling becomes a real problem or an addiction.

Signs Of Problem Gambling

Sometimes it can be complicated to recognize red flags. As a rule, most gamblers try to ignore them. Unless you pay attention to these warning signs, your loved ones and you may experience nasty symptoms.

There is a checklist that contains ten questions. It is a quick way to diagnose a problem without leaving your own home:

  1. spending more time and money on gambling;
  2. borrowing money constantly;
  3. arguing with friends and family;
  4. missing work and important events to gamble;
  5. being secretive about financial records;
  6. having unpaid bills;
  7. having lots of loans at the same time;
  8. taking a lot of sick days to gamble;
  9. feeling depressed and frustrated;
  10. using threats or lies to gamble more.

If you’ve got at least 3 or 4 signs, you should see a specialist as addictive behaviour can affect all family members and destroy social connections.

Myths And Facts About Gambling Problems

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There are some myths related to how a typical gambler looks and behaves. However, there are no classic situations: typically, players are people from various social classes, educational backgrounds, and ages.

Myth: You have to gamble daily to be a problem gambler.

Fact: It’s not necessary to gamble every day. You may play once a month or every day. Gambling becomes a problem if it causes a problem.

Myth: Having an online gambling problem is a case of being weak and irresponsible.

Fact: Gambling can affect any person: from strong-willed to reckless. It means that previously responsible people may have a gambling addiction as well as weak-willed ones.

Myth: Gambling is not a problem.

Fact: Compulsive gambling may affect any sphere of life: from financial to the social one. It causes job loss, mental health problems, and anxiety.

Myth: Gambling does not affect a player’s inner circle.

Fact: Family and friends suffer the most because of their close person’s addictive behaviour.


The first step to overcoming a gambling addiction is admitting you have the problem. Sometimes it may be challenging to do this: you may be afraid of condemnation. Your family and friends will never convict you. They want to help.

You should know that many others have been in your shoes and have been able to beat addiction.

Move On To Hobby

You can start gambling after an argument with a husband or wife or problems at work. Sometimes, we want to avoid difficulties by displacing them. So, gambling acts as a way to forget about negative emotions. But there are more effective ways to self-soothe: exercising, chatting with friends, meditating, trying new things, etc.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

It is complicated to fight against an addiction alone. Therefore, you should reach out to your family as it is likely your support team. If you haven’t got an inner circle, there are many ways to make new friends: communicate with colleagues, join book clubs or sports teams, and start volunteering.

Join A Support Group

There are various programs, for example, Gamblers Anonymous — a 12-step recovery program. Mentors will help you find a sponsor — a former gambler, who recovered from gambling addiction, and now this person can provide support while you are on your way to being healed.


Online gambling does not always cause addiction. If you treat it like a kind of entertainment, gambling will deliver fun and positive emotions only. However, if you consider this a way to raise money, you may become addicted.

Before you start gambling, it is essential to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re feeling addicted, talk to your family or friends. Keep in mind the warning signs that are signaling the need to contact a specialist.